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Haircut Design

  Study Haircut Design as a Barber Student

As a barber student, you are going to learn everything there is to know about being a barber. You’ll study under the supervision of experienced barbers as you learn business finance, interpersonal skills, and, of course, haircut design.

Being a barber has always been a mix of knowing classic haircuts that have never gone out of style while still being aware of modern trends that are shaping how we get our hair cut. When you become a barber student, you’ll be instructed in the classic barber shop hairstyles as well as contemporary haircut design. No matter what type of clientele you plan on serving, our academy will prepare you with the skills you need to be a professional barber.

A barber student needs to learn more than just hair cuts, our academy will have you studying barber shop finance as well as the interpersonal skills you need to work with clients and successfully run your own business. That said, the most important skill you will walk away with is being able to understand your client’s needs and deliver an amazing hair cut that will leave them feeling, and looking, great!

Get in touch with us for more information on our barber school and register today!

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