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Finding the right trade or a fitting training program might seem like an impossible task. Washington Academy of Barbering and Arts,  Incorporation (WABA, Inc.) is a barber college willing to assist the reentry of veterans, low-income individuals, underemployed, and unemployed individuals in the pursuit of post-secondary education. However, anyone who wants to attend a technical or volunteer training school and development center can pursue a barbering industry career.


​Washington Academy of Barbering and Arts, committed to providing the highest quality education, focused on comprehensive barbering educational experiences that will promote meaningful life skills to individuals focusing on financial literacy, community partnerships, and strong interpersonal skills. Our program is flexible; teachers are highly experienced in their field and ready to assist in the practice of barbering. So be prepared to learn a new trade and have fun while learning and making new friends - this is the place.

Washington Academy of Barbering and Arts sits at LakeForest and Read Blvd in New Orleans East. It stands on the 4th floor of the Executive Plaza Building (ALL GLASS BUILDING) with approximately 2400 square feet, 3 classrooms, 1 clinic floor 3 offices, a breakroom, computer space, and a plethora of amazing panoramic views of the city.



                       WHY CHOOSE WASHINGTON ACADEMY?

Rebecca "RO" Washington has dedicated 20 plus years of her life to the barber industry. Through those years, she has developed a passion and concern for the industry and its future.


"Ro" set out to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming the owner of her own barber academy, where she could pour into the lives of individuals who share her same passion.


Her passion ensues beyond the classroom but also transcends to the community. Through Washington Academy, individuals who have had setbacks can transform those setbacks into successes JUST AS SHE DID! 

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